About Us

Al Qimma Equipment company was founded in 2000 on bases and standards of excellence in international quality systems and modern technology of heavy industries with the best global efficiencies and expertise, and the latest industrial machinery operated by computerized digital control systems.


Our Goals

Providing the best products and the finest services by providing pre- and after-sales services at a level that ensures that our customers always achieve the best quality levels


Our vision

Upgrading the national industry to the ranks of global industries and enriching our local and regional markets



Development, efficiency, integrity, quality and community service

Real business goals for the path to success

Homeland is the place where we have lived and where we have seen our first experiences tis among the aspirations of many of us to do something for the homeland and many seek to work for it. Therefore, we have put “ALQIMMA “as a slogan and a symbol of our goals to embody the quality PEAK through our products in the heavy and construction industries and since nearly two decades we started with confident steps and produced machines and molds for the production of cement blocks with high efficiency and high quality ‘also economical prices made the Gulf and local market does not hesitate to put Saudi national products in comparison with Other Globa ‘According to our study of the Saudi market, our share in the past years is up to’! for cement block production machines and mokis.We offer more than 500 different designs for molds, We also meet all the special requests of our customers through qualified cadres to receive them, Alo seek fr our product’s development through R&D In ALQIMMA equipment factory. On the other hand, enriching the contracting and construction Industries market is agood reason to attract the best companies witha global reputation, We are the exclusive agent inthe Kingdom of QUENFENG global producing automatic production lines for the manufacture of cement and Baladora concrete, mixing plants and ‘equipment of leaning cities and Also factories and other industries, All this to put trust and alls effective and sophisticated inthe hands of our customers with the provision of after-sales services and maintenance we’te stil lying with our national industries atthe top fof the market and confident in our ability to accept any challenge to produce the most sophisticated and complex equipment for the Construction industry, which proves its position and strength as a substitute and a real development of global industries Which distinguishes us from the speed of implementation as well as the 900d price. But what we have started from the development does not end and ‘our promising goals indicates our way with the vision of the Kingdom ‘of Saudi Arabia 2030 and to compete locally, Gif and internationally.


Abdul Rahman Hussain Sharif

Founder | CEO - Alqimma Equipment Company

Our country deserves the best of what we have and in line with the Kingdom's vision 2030